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The Computing Research Center (CIC IPN in Mexico)  is the best choice for a graduate computer program in Mexico. The CIC IPN has several strengths that distinguish it from the rest of the other graduate programs taught in Mexico; among other things, let us mention some of the most important:


Students at the CIC IPN
Students at the CIC IPN


1.-An excellent group of teachers and researchers 

The CIC IPN has 56 full-time faculty assigned to the graduate programs. 83.9% of them owns the doctoral level, 30 of them are members of the National System of Researchers (SNI), recognized for their work in research.

The concentration of researchers in the computing area is unique in Mexico, we invite you to consult this information in the CONACyT report, including the categories of Postgraduate Consolidated and Masters of International Competition.


Teaching and researchers staff from CIC IPN
Teaching and researchers staff from CIC IPN


2.- Modern infrastructure.

The facilities are modern with an architecture that facilitates the development of the research; design, modern and functional spaces are focused on student learning and fostering teamwork.


Picture taken during the exposure of the seminar at the Laboratory of Microtechnology and Embedded Systems (Microse), third floor, north section.
Picture was taken during the exposure of the seminar at the Laboratory of Microtechnology and Embedded Systems (Microse), third floor, north section.


3. Equipment and modern spaces

All officially enrolled students have their space in the area of CIC IPN laboratories (including the Nanotechnology Center), each student is equipped with modern computers with Internet access, with service and free access to library databases.


Researcher protection equipment at nano cleanroom in the area of Nanotechnology. Laboratory infrastructure located at the IPN CNNMN



4.-Linkage with international leading centers.

The CIC has important academic partnerships and collaboration with similar institutions abroad best leaders in the areas of computer science and engineering computing, such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Harvard University; Carnegie Mellon University; University of Texas at Dallas; Polytechnic University of Catalonia; Polytechnic University of Madrid; University of California; University of Manchester; University of Alberta, among others.


The relationships are maintained with these institutions translate into major activities include:

  • The collaboration of faculty leaders of these centers with researchers at the CIC IPN;

  • The mobility of students and teachers from CIC IPN for conducting their research stays at these universities;

  • The presence of researchers and visiting professors of these institutions for courses, conferences and seminars;

  • The joint project design at the postgraduate programs to enrich the education of the students at the CIC IPN.


Composition from photographs submitted by graduate students during their research stay abroad.



5.-Relevant programs according to the international labor and technology evolution

Several companies and organizations as Microsoft, Oracle, GeneXus, Intel, BOSCH, Cisco, Blackberry, LG, Google, SAP, CFE, PEMEX, SCT, STC-Metro, etc., who come to the CIC IPN to reaffirm their interest in recruit the talent of the students, through strategies of recruitment conducted in the CIC IPN. In this way students will identify, from the beginning, the employment opportunities offered in these fields, both nationally and internationally.

The CIC IPN from three years ago, remains a process of analysis and consultation with more than 185 ICT companies (Information Technology and Communication), which deals with issues of supply and demand for labor, the role of graduates of graduate and requirements to drive technological innovation.

Today, There is technological changes required to be at the forefront of innovations emerging daily in the area of information technologies and communication.

The students during your stay at the CIC IPN can attend conferences, scientific or outreach events, scientific conferences, video conferences, both national and international, to keep you updated on these fields.



Innova 2012 at CIC IPN
INNOVA forum and meeting with representatives of ICT companies (national and international). Exercise of consultation and analysis on a potential graduate formation as a key element in the innovation process.


6. High social impact research projects 

The CIC IPN has been actively involved in several projects linked with both the industrial and business sector as government agencies. In the CIC both, basic research and applied research is promoted.

The CIC IPN is further distinguished by a strong program of protection of intellectual property; your ideas and projects are protected via the IMPI or INDAUTOR. To date there are over 32 records of intellectual property and copyright, what makes the Center in this area, occupies a very prominent place nationally.


CNNM and Microse at CIC IPN
CIC researchers working in clean rooms of class 100, at the Center of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and Micro IPN. Students at the CIC IPN.
Investigadores del CIC trabajando en las salas limpias de clase 100, en el Centro de Nanociencias y Micro y Nanotecnologías del IPN, ver:
Researchers at CIC working in clean rooms of class 100, Center of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and Micro at the IPN


MEMS designed by CIC IPN students
Designed by microelectromechanical system MEMS at the CIC IPN and at the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Micro IPN.

7.- Resources oriented to students

Projects developed and services offered at the CIC IPN, are a major source of income translates into resources to support students in achieving their stays abroad, acquisition of modern equipment, attendance at scientific conferences, the purchase of books, conducting training courses and certification, etc.


Abril: a Ph.D. Student in Computer Science
April V Uriarte (Ph.D. Student in Computer Science), a student from the National University of Engineering, Nicaragua. Today she is doing her research stay in Portugal (Oct 2014).


8.- Additional supports to students for academic events

For stays of research undertaken by students abroad, the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACyT) and the CIC IPN increase the amount of the scholarship (approximately up to $ 1,160.00 US Dls monthly) including maintenance and health insurance during the period of stay. Moreover, to purchase of the plane ticket there is an additional support.

Additionally, through research projects and services being made, CIC IPN provides additional resources to give attention to some extraordinary expenses that may arise during the stay.



M. Brauer at Canada



9.- International oriented training of students

The CIC IPN maintains a permanent and solid performance of internationalization strengthening the links that come with leading institutions abroad to:

  • Invite prominent researchers academic meetings;

  • Collaborate on research projects;

  • Participate in international seminars;

  • Providing keynote speakers at events organized by students themselves.

  • Manage research visits with leading researchers worldwide in the most prestigious institutions.

In recent years, the CIC IPN has driven mobility actions for research stays abroad. In 2013, 72 activities were supported to abroad, either for attending conferences, taking highly specialized courses or doing a research visits abroad.

Some of the centers and Universities where the CIC IPN students have conducted research are:

Nanoscience Centre at the University of Alberta, Canada.

The Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Spain.

Supercomputing Center of San Diego, University of California, USA.

Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany.

The Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.

University of Freiburg, Germany.

The Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain.

The University of Alberta in Canada.

The University of British Columbia, Canada.

The University of Hiroshima, Japan.

The University of Málaga, Spain.

Microsoft Research Center, Redmond, USA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

The Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain.

University of Technology of Compiegne, France

University of Murcia, Spain



10.- ICT oriented research projects 

The CIC IPN has 11 lines of research, among which surely find the item you’re interested related to any of the projects being developed; if so, surely this is the place to develop it.

We suggest checking the information of research projects carried out in each of the following areas of CIC IPN:


Communications and Computer Networks

Microtechnology and embedded systems

Digital Signal Processing

Intelligent Systems for Automation

Databases and software technology

Artificial intelligence

Natural language processing

Intelligent Processing of Geospatial Information

Simulation and Modeling

Neural networks and unconventional computing

Robotics and Mechatronics



Ecosystem for leadership training in the area of ​​ICT
Ecosystem for leadership training in the area of ICT


Computación y Sistemas: a International Journal

Very closely coupled with the research activities, the CIC IPN publishes the magazine Computacion y Sistemas (CyS). The articles published in this journal are widely reported in the international arena through databases such as Periodic E-Journal, Latindex Redalyc, SciELO and DBLP, the journal is indexed in the Web of Science databases and the largest database of abstracts and citations of scientific literature arbitrations world Scopus. It is accredited in the CONACyT Register of Scientific Journals until 2017.


Computing and Systems Magazine
Computing and Systems Magazine

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CIC IPN: Computing Research Center at the IPN

CIC IPN Computing Research Center at the IPN
CIC IPN Computing Research Center at the IPN



We invite you to compare the points that we have presented with the Information from other graduate programs that are now offered in Mexico.

Write and send us your comments by email:

Is very important for us to hear your point of view on what we are interested in all arguments or motives have in mind when trying to choose a graduate.


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You can view the Information Memorandum of CIC IPN

(English version)

CIC IPN October 2014
CIC IPN October 2014


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